Who we are

CLIER is a mechanical engineering concept that has been based in Malaucène, Provence, for over forty years. The location of our company coincides perfectly with our activity.
For over 40 years, we have specialized in the construction of harvesters for perfumed, aromatic and medicinal plants, such as lavender, which is the specialty of our region.
Our commitment to our customers and our drive for innovation have taken us to the world market in the design of harvesters for perfume plants. We are also positioned as a player in the European market for the manufacture of turret trailers.

Our harvesters for fragrant plants

Our custom-made trailers

Since 1978, we have specialized in the manufacture of trailers. Our wide range includes reel carriers, dump trailers, machine carriers, pole carriers…

We can produce a trailer in your colors, simply by specifying the RAL paint reference. All our trailers have an epoxy undercoat and a polyurethane finish.

Processing equipment

With this type of front-mounted boom, it is possible to spray on the row or in its entirety.
5-row capacity.


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