Our Crusher harvesters


Especially designed for harvesting hybrid lavender, cloned lavender, rosemary and other plants destined for distillation. This harvester raises and cuts the stems, which are then cut into 5-8 cm pieces and projected by ventilation into a hopper attached to the rear. When the hopper is full, it is emptied directly into the distillation vessels. These 3 types of harvesters are suitable for medium-sized farms of 20-100 hectare (50-150 acres). It takes about one hour to harvest 1 hectare (2,5 acres).

Harvester for farms from 20 to 100 ha. Harvesting 1 ha takes about 2.5 hours.

The crusher harvester has been designed only for plants destined for distillation, which has to take place immediately after the harvest (risk of fermentation). The essential oil has a slight green color. The advantage of this harvester is the working speed and the elimination of all manual intervention.