Our Flower Harvester

RPP07A. Harvester Destemmer

This harvester is protected by 2 patents and was conceived thanks to 40 years of experience in the flower harvesting industry. We also have implemented throughout the years the numerous inputs from our customer base.


This harvester aims to :

  • Harvest flowers and calyxes of fragrant cultivars (Lavender, Intermedias, cultivated in a row)
  • Cut , shred and exhaust the stems on either side of the row being harvested.

The harvester is made of a welded/bolted skeleton, equipped with 2 lift/arms articulated on a horizontal axis that follow either side of the harvested row.
The sprockets and chains lift off the stems of the ground, maintain them straight up to the cutting threshold. At the threshold level, a spinning comb cuts off the flowers and calyxes while they are vacuumed up into the orientable arm that propels them into the rear storing tank.
After the flowers have been removed off their stems, the stems are processed into the shredder that projects them out onto the ground on either side of the row.

Side mounted harvester attachment, installed on a regular 110 to 130hp tractor.
The lower chassis is to be adapted specifically to each tractor. The rotating parts are moving thanks to a hydraulic bay, installed at the rear of the cabin next to the vertical rear tank, rotating at 1000 r/min on the PTO. The actuation motions of the harvester are driven by an electro-hydraulic controller, installed in the side console of the cabin. This actuator is fed by the hydraulic lines of the tractor.

Variable harvesting capacity depending on the acreage and the size of the cultivars.
On average, the harvesting speed is 2hrs to 2,5hrs per ha.
The layout of cultivars for this harvester is best is planted for mechanical harvesting:
-Distance between each plant, 30 to 50cm
-Distance between each row 1,8m to 2m.
Those intervals can of course vary, as long as the density of plants is sufficient to have a continuous and homogeneous row of cultivars.

Minimum cultivar height : 15cm
Maximum cultivar height : 55cm
Maximum travelling speed : 1.8 km/h to 3km/h (minimum speed recorded on intermedia x, Lavandin with a 1m shrub diameter post harvest)