Our Multi-row Harvester


1 Head, harvests the row underneath the silage harvester. This requires the adaption of an 8 m³ hopper in our workshop. Alternatively, choose a lateral harvester attached to the tractor. Low fuel consumption, easier to handle, shorter.

2 Heads, harvests the row underneath the silage harvester as well as the row on the right. The head on the right folds up vertically for driving on the road.
For rows planted at 1,80 m distance, the wheels of the silage harvester should not exceed 2,40 m, measured at the outside of the tyres (taking account of the size of the plants).
While harvesting, a trailer or distillery container should drive alongside the silage harvester.
This enables a harvest of 1 ha in 1 hour.

3 Heads, the same as with 2 heads, with an additional head on the left.Sameprinciple of harvesting but 1 ha in 40 minutes.

All these harvesting heads have to be adapted to the silage harvester, preferably in our workshop.